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Aquatic Plants


Water Lillie's.

There are many references to aquatic plants on the web but i will be concentrating on plants required for local pond features and those that encourage and attract wildlife.

Aquatic environment have a variety of aquatic plants which provide shelter and food for many of the animals living in neighborhood and add oxygen to the water. Theaquatic plants in the pond serve the balanced purpose of the oxygen cycle as well as also provide colour and vibrancy to the water environment.

Initially you will want consider planting the most popular aquatic plant the water Lillie's (Lotus)of which there are variety to choose from. You can plant the seed pots directly in the pond bottom. Try to Fertilize monthly during blooming season and cross fertilize where possible to give a variety of colours and species. They grow and live on the edge of ponds and lakes, in the shallow water. The flowers are large but their bloom lasts about three days. However, the advantage is that other buds will flower too so you will have lots of lilies blooming at different times and lilies come in both day blooming and night blooming varieties. Tropical water lilies are very free flowering and for the most part, very fragrant. Tropical water lilies come in shades of white, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple.


Autumn: To Do List


With the summer now truly over its time to start thinking about repairing and replenishing your lawn. The factors to consider are soil, fertilizer and seeding.

A good clear out of the area is always a good start and this includes clearing the old foliage, trim back trees and plants to allow sunshine in shaded areas, removing any moss, weeds, stones is also a good idea. Most lawns get compacted as a result of usage and inevitably need to be aerated to help with drainage and promote good roots. Hiring a lawn aerator is ideal for very large lawn areas and would be money well spent.



The cumulative effect of the falling leaves can be very damaging to the pond environment. Recall that one of my main considerations in locating a pond was away from trees. now you can understand how this factor should help in keeping your pond relatively free of leaves. If however you are unfortunate to have a pond covered by tree leafs now is the time to take action. Placing pond netting is a good preventative step and a lot easier then cleaning the pond later. Also the leaves end up decomposing in the pond and so poisoning the water in the pond.


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Soil maintenance is dealt with in the fertilizer section click here.


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Winter care Tips

Care of Pond:

As winter approaches if the pond has not been cleaned already then this is a good time to get the pond area and water cleaned up. The fallen leafs from surrounding trees need to be removed immediately especially large broken branches and other debris.

Keep pond from freezing by using pond heating equipment, retaining water circulation by having water fountains and perhaps building a pond enclosure. Circulating water has many advantages during the winter. Firstly it maintains oxygen levels in the water, secondly the moving water prevents the freezing process and will keep an area of your pond from freezing over and finally can produce some fantastic or spectacular ice sculptures in your pond (see my Picture Gallery)

Care of Aquatic Life:

Care of Plants:

Care of Pond Equipment:

Care of Pond and Garden Lighting:

If you have solar powered equipment such as pond fountains and lighting then you will need to clean the solar arrays or panels on a regular basis. The rechargeable batteries in the solar garden lights will not have had sufficient charging so will probably need to be taken out and charged or even replaced if the cells are worn or aged. Winter temperatures reduce the capacity of rechargeable cells and most garden and pond equipment that rely on these sources will not work very well. Coupled with the shorter winter days the solar arrays cannot produce sufficient charging current to restore cell charge levels needed to sustain lighting and pond pump requirements.

Spring Care of Pond:

With the winter weather over its time to have a look at the pond area and give the pond a new lease of life. My main areas of concern are the water pump and filters, water contamination and level, fish stock and plant health.

(a) Firstly, clean away the pond with a fish net to remove dead leaves, tree branches and any foreign objects that may have found their way into the pond. I would start by checking the water pump and fountain components. The fountains may need a clean up of the nozzle areas and the water pumps a good clean out of the filters.

(b) The water level in the pond may need to be increased if you have lost some water in the pond. if the water level has dropped substantially then you probably have a leak somewhere in the liner.

(c) once the water pump and filters are well serviced the pump and water feature can be turned on and I would suggest be left on until the pond water is clear again.

Garden solar lights need cleaning of solar panels. This is necessary so that the lights will work efficiently and the rechargable batteries stay in good condition.











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